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Can Texting Parents Improve Attendance in Elementary School? A Test of an Adaptive Messaging Strategy

A new report finds that text messaging parents, in specific ways, improved attendance among 26,000 elementary school students. » More info


Characteristics of Preschool Special Education Services and Educators

These data tables present national information on preschool services funded by the federal Individuals with Disabilities Act and provided by districts and schools. » More info


How States and Districts Support Evidence Use in School Improvement

A snapshot based on recent national surveys finds that states and districts share the goal of using school improvement strategies backed by rigorous research but may often be relying on research that varies in quality. » More info


The Effects of a Principal Professional Development Program Focused on Instructional Leadership

A new report found that an intensive approach to helping principals improve their leadership practices did not change principal practices as intended or improve students' achievement. » More info

Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

Graphic of a group of four working around a round tableLearn about the plans for and results of evaluations related to ESSA

Are you a Researcher?

Graphic of a magnifying glass wrapped around graphsLearn about accessing our evaluation data