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What's New at EVALUATION

IES releases researcher brief on recruiting schools and districts.

A new brief provides strategies to recruit districts and schools for impact studies of education interventions. » More info


IES releases researcher guide on studying implementation.

A new guide describes how to examine implementation in the context of impact studies of education interventions. » More info


IES releases new report examining text messaging as a possible means of increasing college enrollment among adults from underserved backgrounds

A new report examines the effectiveness of customized text messages in increasing college enrollment and Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) completion rates among adults seeking services from Educational Opportunity Centers. » More info


IES releases new report on state efforts to develop innovative academic assessments

Report describes early implementation and progress of the first five state assessment systems approved under the federal Innovative Assessment Demonstration Authority. » More info


IES releases new report on federal support for attracting, training, and retaining educators

Report describes district grantees' use of Teacher and School Leader funds and how well aligned this is with key aspects of the program. » More info


Graphic of a group of four working around a round tableLearn more about how the Department of Education, supported by NCEE's Evaluation Division, builds evidence to inform education policy and practice.

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Graphic of a magnifying glass wrapped around graphsLearn about accessing our evaluation data