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What's New at NCEE

State and District Use of Title II, Part A Funds in 2018-19

A new IES report finds that districts most often used key federal funds for improving educator quality to provide professional development. » More info


Study of College Transition Messaging in GEAR UP: Impacts on Enrolling and Staying in College

A new IES report finds that texting high school seniors both messages customized to their college and interactive advice did not improve their college enrollment or persistence. » More info


Drawing across school boundaries: How federally-funded magnet schools recruit and admit students

A snapshot finds that federally-funded magnet schools report using a variety of strategies to recruit students, targeting those the schools believe are likely to exercise choice, and, according to district coordinator. » More info


The Effects of Expanding Pell Grant Eligibility for Short Occupational Training Programs: Results from the Experimental Sites Initiative

Pell Grants are the cornerstone of federal financial aid for low-income students enrolled in postsecondary education. » More info


The Transition to ESSA: State and District Approaches to Implementing Title I and Title II-A in 2017-18

A new report describes state and district implementation of Title I and Title II-A during the transition to the Every Student Succeeds Act in 2018. » More info

Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

Graphic of a group of four working around a round tableLearn about the plans for and results of evaluations related to ESSA

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