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What's New at EVALUATION

IES releases new report: The Effects of an Academic Language Program on Student Reading Outcomes

Helping English learners and economically disadvantaged students read as well as their more advantaged peers is a challenge for many schools. » More info


IES releases new report: Study of Training in Multi-Tiered Systems of Support for Behavior: Impacts on Elementary School Studentsí Outcomes

Multi-tiered systems of support for behavior (MTSS-B) is a commonly reported approach to prevent and address students' problem behaviors. » More info


IES releases new report: Study of Teacher Coaching Based on Classroom Videos: Impacts on Student Achievement and Teachers' Practices

Providing teachers with ongoing support to improve their classroom practice is a common use of federal funds to improve instruction and student achievement. » More info


IES releases researcher guide on interpreting impacts

A new guide describes how to use the BASIE framework to avoid misinterpreting statistical significance and improve the relevance of impact estimates. » More info


IES releases researcher guide on data sharing

A new guide provides concrete recommendations on how to share study data to facilitate research transparency and accelerate the development of knowledge. » More info


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