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Evaluation Reports

The reports listed below include evaluations conducted by the Center's Evaluation Division, as well as evaluations conducted by the Regional Educational Laboratory Program.

What Works Clearinghouse Reports

The What Works Clearinghouse promotes informed education decision making though a database of interventions linked to WWC reviews of evidence, and a variety of user-friendly, high quality reports that include:

Regional Educational Laboratory Reports

REL reports include two ongoing web-based series—Issues & Answers and REL Technical Briefs. The overall intent for both series of reports is to provide educators and policymakers with credible scientifically based research on a regular basis. All Issues & Answers and REL Technical Briefs are required to undergo external peer review to ensure that these reports meet the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) standards for scientifically valid research before being published online.

Technical Methods Reports

NCEE promotes methodological advancement in the field of education evaluation through investigations involving analyses using existing data sets and explorations of applications of new technical methods, including cost-effectiveness of alternative evaluation strategies. The results of these methodological investigations are published as commissioned, peer reviewed papers, under the series title, Technical Methods Reports. The reports are designed for use by researchers, methodologists, and evaluation specialists.


NCEE offers a variety of resources for education researchers, evaluation specialists, practitioners, policymakers and the general public.