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Evaluation of the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program: Impacts After Two Years

NCES 2009-4023
June 2008


This report is the fourth of a series of annual reports mandated by Congress. We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of a significant number of individuals in its preparation and production.

Staff from the Washington Scholarship Fund provided helpful information and have always been available to answer our questions.

We are also fortunate to have the advice of an Expert Advisory Panel. Members include: Julian Betts, University of California, San Diego; Thomas Cook, Northwestern University; Jeffrey Henig, Columbia University; William Howell, University of Chicago; Guido Imbens, Harvard University; Rebecca Maynard, University of Pennsylvania; and Larry Orr, Abt Associates.

The challenging task of assembling the analysis files was capably undertaken by Yong Lee, Quinn Yang, and Yu Cao at Westat. The management and conduct of the data collection was performed by Juanita Lucas-McLean, Sabria Hardy, and Kevin Jay of Westat. Expert editorial and production assistance was provided by Evarilla Cover and Saunders Freeland of Westat. Ryan Marsh of the University of Arkansas ably assisted with the intermediate outcomes analysis and the drafting of chapter 4 and appendix F.