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Impact of Two Professional Development Interventions on Early Reading Instruction and Achievement

NCEE 2008-4030
September 2008

Study Findings


On average:

  • 93 percent (45 of 48 hours) of the planned institute and seminar hours were delivered in the districts.
  • Treatment group A and B teachers attended 35 of the 45 implemented hours of study-provided PD (78 percent), according to institute and seminar attendance records.
  • Teachers in treatment A and B reported receiving significantly more hours of readingrelated institutes and seminars during the implementation year—including both studyprovided PD and PD not related to the study—than did teachers in control schools (39 hours and 47 hours compared with 13 hours).
  • Coach logs indicate that teachers in treatment B schools received an average of 62 hours of coaching over the course of the year, consistent with the guidelines provided in the coach training (approximately 2 hours per teacher per week over about 30 weeks). Almost 80 percent of the coaching hours (49 of 62 hours) were spent on topics that were a focus of the study’s PD.11

  • Teachers in the treatment B schools reported participating in significantly more coaching in reading instruction during the implementation year (71 hours) than did teachers in treatment A (4 hours) or control (6 hours) schools.

11 It should be noted that the treatment B teachers reported an average of 71 hours of coaching rather than the 62 reported by the study coaches; however, the teacher survey item this estimate is based on did not limit teachers’ responses to only the study-provided coaching. Therefore, teacher estimates may also include coaching and mentoring from other sources.