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Reading First Impact Study Final Report

NCEE 2009-4038
November 2008


The Reading First Impact Study Team would like to thank the students, faculty, and staff in the study’s participating schools and districts. Their contributions to the study (via assessments, observations, surveys, and more) are deeply appreciated. We are the beneficiaries of their generosity of time and spirit.

The listed authors of this report represent only a small part of the team involved in this project. We would like to acknowledge the support of staff from Computer Technology Services (for the study’s data collection website), from DataStar (for data entry), from MDRC, from Retail Solutions at Work (and the hundreds of classroom observers who participated in intensive training and data collection activities), from Paladin Pictures (for developing training videos for classroom observations), from RMC Research (especially Chris Dwyer, for help on developing instruments and on training observers), from Rosenblum- Brigham Associates (for district site visits), from Westat (Sherry Sanborne and Alex Ratnofsky, for managing the student assessment, and the Student Assessment Coordinators and test administrators), and from Westover (Wanda Camper, LaKisha Dyson, and Pamela Wallace for helping with meeting logistics).

The study has also benefited from both external and internal technical advisors, including:

External Advisors
Josh Angrist
David Card
Robert Brennan
Thomas Cook*
Jack Fletcher*
David Francis
Larry Hedges*
Robinson Hollister*
Guido Imbens
Brian Jacob
David Lee
Sean Reardon
Tim Shanahan*
Judy Singer
Jeff Smith
Faith Stevens*
Petra Todd
Wilbert Van der Klaauw
Sharon Vaughn*

Internal Advisors
Steve Bell (A)
Gordon Berlin (M)
Nancy Burstein (A)
Fred Doolittle (M)
Barbara Goodson (A)
John Hutchins (M)
Jacob Klerman (A)
Marc Moss (A)
Chuck Michalopoulous (M)
Larry Orr (A)
Cris Price (A)
Janet Quint (M)
Howard Rolston (A)

(A—Abt Associates)

* Individuals who have served on the study’s Technical Work Group

We also want to recognize the steady contributions of Abt-SRBI staff, including Brenda Rodriguez, Fran Coffey, Kay Ely, Joanne Melton, Judy Meyer, Lynn Reneau, Davyd Roskilly, Jon Schmalz, Estella Sena, and Judy Walker, who were instrumental in completing multiple data collections, and Eileen Fahey, Katheleen Linton, and Jan Nicholson for countless hours of production support. Finally, we want to acknowledge Diane Greene, whose wisdom helped us all.