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Impacts of a Violence Prevention Program for Middle Schools: Findings After 3 Years of Implementation

NCEE 2011-4017
May 2011

Teacher Sample

Secondary outcome data were collected from teachers through an annual survey conducted in spring. This survey was administered to a random sample of 24 teachers (stratified by grade) at each of the intervention and control schools participating in the study; a new sample was selected each year. Eligible teachers included all full-time classroom teachers and could include RiPP teachers who delivered the curriculum in intervention schools.2 Ninety-eight percent (N = 854) of the sampled teachers completed a survey in the third year. Among responding teachers in intervention schools, 30 percent were RiPP teachers.

2 Schools identified a subject or subjects, such as health or social studies, through which RiPP could be delivered to all 6th-graders through 8th-graders. Teachers in those subjects were designated as RiPP teachers and trained to deliver the curriculum.