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Baseline Analyses of SIG Applications and SIG-Eligible and SIG-Awarded Schools
NCEE 2011-4019
May 2011


We wish to thank the many individuals who contributed to the completion of this report. Researchers who provided useful assistance for this report include Molly Abend, Rose Goff, Megan Lebow, Jack Rickard, and Diana Mercado-Garcia of AIR. The authors also appreciate the helpful feedback and guidance from the study's principal investigators, Jennifer O'Day and Beatrice Birman, as well as thoughtful reviewer comments from Mike Garet, all of AIR.

We are also grateful to staff at the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education at the U.S. Department of Education, who provided the initial data on schools eligible for School Improvement Grants (SIG). We also appreciate the efforts of state administrators with responsibility for SIG who provided data on SIG awards and reviewed our data files to ensure accuracy and completeness.

While we appreciate the assistance and support of all of the above individuals, any errors in judgment or fact are, of course, the responsibility of the authors.