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Evaluation of the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program

April 2005

List of Tables

Table ES-1. Number of DC Private Schools Participating in the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program: 2004–05
Table ES-2. Number and Percentage of Participants, by Application Status: Spring 2004
Table ES-3. Characteristics of DC Public School Free or Reduced-Price Lunch Program Students, Program Applicants Versus Nonapplicants: Spring 2004
Table ES-4. Public School-Level Scholarship Application and Usage Rates: Spring 2004 and Fall 2004

List of Figures

Figure ES-1. Eligible Public School Applicants and Available Private School Slots, by Grade-Level Band: Spring 2004 and Fall 2004
Figure ES-2. Scholarship Probability, by Type of Applicant and Grade-Level Band: Spring 2004