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National Assessment of Title I - Final Report

NCEE 2008-4012
June 2008

Exhibit 10.  Participation Rates for Title I School Choice and Supplemental Educational Services, By Student Subgroup, in Nine Large Urban School Districts, 2004-05*
  School Choice Supplemental Services
White  1.1% 10.1%
Black  0.9% 16.9%
Hispanic  0.4% 11.6%
LEP  0.3% 13.1%
Students with disabilities**  0.4% 14.6%
Exhibit reads: In a sample of nine large urban school districts, 1.1 percent of eligible white students participated in the Title I school choice option.
* Data for one district are for 2003-04.
** Data for students with disabilities are based on seven districts.
SOURCE: National Longitudinal Study of NCLB, Analysis of Title I Choice Options in Nine Urban Districts.