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National Assessment of Title I - Final Report

NCEE 2008-4012
June 2008

B. Key Findings - Accountability and Support for School Improvement

States identified 12 percent (11,648) of all schools for improvement for 2005-06 (based on test scores for 2004-05 and earlier). Title I schools accounted for 84 percent of all identified schools, and the 9,808 identified Title I schools represented 18 percent of all Title I schools. About two-thirds (68 percent) of the identified Title I schools were in their first year or second year of improvement, with another 14 percent in corrective action and 19 percent in restructuring status.

  • Schools with high concentrations of poor and minority students were more likely to be identified than other schools, as were schools located in urban areas. Just over one-third of high-poverty schools (32 percent) and schools with high percentages of minority students (31 percent) were identified schools in 2004-05, compared with 4 percent of schools with low concentrations of these students (see Exhibit 6).