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Community Math Night Facilitators’ Toolkit

by Carmen Araoz, Kathleen Dempsey, Kerry Friedman and Laura Kassner

Mastery of early math concepts is associated with such later achievements as middle school grades, high school graduation, and career opportunities (Garcia & Weiss, 2017). Given the importance of early math, REL Appalachia created the Community Math Night Facilitators' Toolkit as a detailed resource for K–5 elementary school educators to plan and implement a Community Math Night event. Community Math Nights use research-based, interactive math activities to engage families in building positive math attitudes, facilitate their participation in children's math learning, and build a community of educators, students, families, and other caring adults to support students. This toolkit includes planning and organizational resources, step-by-step instructions and printable materials for the interactive math activities, as well as a workbook that can be used as a professional learning resource on key math-learning research findings and how to apply them in practice.

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