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Guide to Using the Teacher Data Use Survey

by Jeffrey Wayman, Stephanie Wilkerson, Vincent Cho, Ellen Mandinach and Jonathan Supovitz
Guide to Using the Teacher Data Use Survey

The Teacher Data Use Survey can be used to query teachers, administrators, and instructional support staff about how teachers use data to support instruction, their attitudes toward data, and the supports that help teachers use data. This guide provides step-by-step instructions to help district and school planners implement the survey. The Teacher Data Use Survey offers schools and districts a way to rigorously gauge what data teachers use, how they use these data, and how they feel about their data use. It also enables assessment of the network of supports that surround teacher data use. The questions on the Teacher Data Use Survey are derived from a conceptual framework that views teacher data use as part of a larger system. This framework views the actions teachers take with data as influenced by their competence in using data, their attitudes toward data, their collaboration with other teachers, and the organizational supports available to them. By administering the Teacher Data Use Survey, school or district leaders will have evidence on which to base a number of decisions, such as appropriation of resources to support teacher data use, supports school leaders might provide, and district policy around data use. The following are appended: (1) Survey-Teacher version; (2) Survey-Administrator version; (3) Survey-Instructional support staff version; (4) Survey scales, questions, and items; and (5) Survey emails.

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