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Handle With Care Resources

Handle With Care Resources

REL Appalachia and the West Virginia Department of Education supported the West Virginia Center for Children's Justice to develop a portfolio of materials to assist district and school staff monitor implementation and student outcome data for the Handle With Care (HWC) program. HWC fosters collaboration among local law enforcement, first responders, mental health providers, and school staff to identify and support students who experience trauma. The approach to monitoring program implementation, analyzing data, and engaging in reflection and planning presented in these materials can serve as a model for school staff when implementing other programs as well. Dive into these resources to learn more about HWC and using data for decisionmaking.

To learn more about all of the available resources, check out the HWC Materials Overview Document.

Introduction to HWC and the portfolio

Resources to support monitoring program implementation and student outcome data

Training resources for district and school staff

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