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The Examining Evaluator Feedback Survey

by R. Brodersen, Trudy Cherasaro, Marianne Reale, Laura Welp and David Yanoski

This report presents a survey tool, developed by REL Central at Marzano Research, designed to gather information from teachers about their perceptions of and responses to evaluator feedback. District or state administrators can use this survey to systematically collect teacher perceptions on five key aspects of evaluation feedback: (1) feedback usefulness, (2) feedback accuracy, (3) evaluator credibility, (4) access to resources related to feedback, and (5) teacher response to feedback. The survey tool was developed using an iterative process that included expert review, cognitive interviews, and a pilot study. Evidence regarding the reliability and validity of the survey tool is also reported. The following are appended: (1) The Examining Evaluator Feedback Survey; (2) Related literature; and (3) Survey development methods.

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