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Home Events Strategies to Improve Reading (STIR) Summer Institute—Battle Creek Public Schools

Strategies to Improve Reading (STIR) Summer Institute—Battle Creek Public Schools

Midwest | August 01, 2022 - August 03, 2022



Time: 8:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m. ET

Location: LaMora Park Elementary School, Battle Creek, MI

Description: During this multi-day Summer Institute, educators and school leaders will receive training on (1) features of effective, evidence-based instructional practice for teaching phonics and phonological awareness, including making instruction explicit, data-driven, systematic, and culturally responsive; (2) decision-driven literacy data collection, analysis, and action to inform literacy instruction and interventions; and (3) an implementation monitoring tool that school leaders can use to provide formative feedback to teachers on their use of effective instructional practices in phonics and phonological awareness as well as effective practices for school leaders to implement at the school level around literacy data use. To facilitate implementation monitoring for this project, school leaders will be trained on how to observe classroom instruction for features of effective instruction in phonological awareness and phonics, as well as culturally responsive practices, and will learn how to use an implementation monitoring tool to provide formative feedback to educators on these instructional practices.


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