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Home Events Building Capacity: Data-Based Decision-Making Session 2

Building Capacity: Data-Based Decision-Making Session 2

Northwest | December 09, 2022

To start the second training session, the Laurel Public Schools team engaged in an activity to help them reflect on the article they were asked to read asynchronously and consider how a shift to collective efficacy could be made in their own practice. REL Northwest asked the Laurel team to return to the state's MTSS Essential Components Practice Profile and look deeper at the Continuous Data-Based Decision-Making essential component. Partners then reflected on the process they engaged in when examining data and sharing a data inquiry process (Bocala et al., 2014) as one problem-solving process that schools or the district can use to analyze, evaluate, and plan strategies that support sustainable, systemic improvement in reading and literacy. Team members reflected on their processes and how they compared to the shared process. REL Northwest guided participants through a data-inquiry cycle utilizing a discussion and data-driven dialogue protocol.

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