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Leveraging Technology for Student Success

Technology is a vital component of our education system. It can provide personalized learning, enable access to education when in-person learning is not feasible, increase opportunities for deeper and expanded learning, and broaden the range of available courses and social and emotional supports beyond those offered locally.

However, as schools were asked to implement distance learning programs with little preparation or support during the pandemic, existing disparities in access to technology, digital literacy, and quality of digital tools were brought into sharp focus. Many schools continue to struggle to provide high-speed internet access and culturally and contextually relevant software that engages and meets the needs of individual students. At the same time, education technology has become one of the fastest-growing global industries, with students and teachers accessing hundreds of unique tech products and services in classrooms every year.

The Leveraging Technology for Student Success framework is designed to assist district leaders in making informed decisions around the adoption and effective use of technology in their schools. It focuses on three critical phases of technology integration: selection, infrastructure, and implementation. The framework also considers how equity and evaluation inform the process.

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