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Home Resource Ask an Expert: World Language Standards

Ask an Expert: World Language Standards

Through its “Ask an Expert” service, REL Northwest responds to requests from state and local education leaders for quick-turnaround, evidence-based information on topics that address high-leverage needs in the Northwest region.

The Montana Office of Public Instruction wanted to better understand the research to inform their redesign of the World Languages standards. Amy Gooden, a world language teaching and learning expert, and REL Northwest team member Ione Heigham developed this product to address the state education agency’s needs. The product will inform the state as they update and revise the Montana Content Standards for World Languages.

World language teaching and learning standards provide clear expectations and measurable goals for language proficiency, which help guide language instruction and promote effective learning outcomes (Cox et al., 2018; Shrum & Glisan, 2016).

So, what makes world language standards and assessments effective? This fact sheet summarizes research on current world language standards and how they are assessed.

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Date: June 2023

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