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Home Resource Using Instructional Models for Student and Teacher Success

Using Instructional Models for Student and Teacher Success

Instructional models provide educators with guidance on how to design, sequence, and deliver instruction that supports student learning. Adopting a schoolwide or systemwide instructional model provides teachers with a common approach and vocabulary that make professional learning, coaching, and collaboration more focused and efficient. This infographic shares a definition of instructional models, common elements across different types of instructional models, and key steps for school and system leaders to select and implement an instructional model.

This infographic was created to support education leaders in the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) and the work of the FSM Partnership to Improve Teacher Effectiveness by Developing and Implementing an Evidence-Based, Culturally Responsive Model for Instruction.

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Pacific | Resource Type: Infographic | Resource
Date: July 2023

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