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Home Resource Supporting Your Child's Reading at Home

Supporting Your Child's Reading at Home

Supporting Your Child’s Reading at Home

Second Grade: Introduction

These activities provide families with information about how to support children as they practice foundational reading skills at home.

reading together

Learning to read begins at home through everyday parent-child interactions, long before children attend school. Your continued support of literacy development throughout elementary school positively affects your child's reading ability.

These Family Activities include easy-to-follow plans to help you support your child's foundational reading skills at home. Materials needed for each Family Activity, such as word cards, are included. They begin with simpler activities and progress to more difficult ones. You may want to start with the first activity and move to the next when you notice that your child has a firm understanding of the content from that activity. We encourage you to select appropriate activities for your child, and feel free to set aside anything that seems too difficult. The goal is to engage your child in activities that promote learning in a positive environment, not to induce frustration. The activities should be completed with the child, frequently, with patience, and positive feedback. Using the activities at home will be a fun way to spend family time together!

The activities were excerpted from a Second Grade Teacher's Guide to Support Family Involvement in Foundational Reading Skills, currently under development, which is free online:

You can also access these videos free online:

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