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Strengthening student pathways to success in 9th grade math in Denver Public Schools

REL Central will work with Denver Public Schools (DPS) leadership and a subset of district schools to better understand why students struggle during the transition to high school math and build better supports so more students succeed in grade 9 math courses. Specifically, the partnership will examine how students’ math experiences during and prior to grade 9 are contributing to or hindering their success in math and identify factors (such as exposure to specific math curricula or enrollment in specific programs and interventions) that may inform whether students successfully complete ninth grade math. In seeking to better understand pathways to success in grade 9 math, REL Central and DPS will pay particular attention to potential disparities among Black students, Hispanic students and students experiencing poverty. The findings from initial applied research and technical support work will inform future partnership activities aimed at increasing the use of evidence-based practices in grade 9 math and, ultimately, increasing student success in grade 9 math.

No projects at this time.

No projects at this time.

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