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Teacher diversity in Colorado

This partnership will work closely with Colorado Department of Education and partners including school districts, Colorado Department of Higher Education, and institutions of higher education, to support recruitment and retention of teachers of color. Initial partnership activities involve REL staff working closely with partners to (1) conduct a study of teacher preparation pathways to provide Colorado stakeholders with information to guide decision-making; (2) provide training, coaching, and technical assistance activities to support collection of data from teachers of color about factors that influence their career decisions, and (3) host webinars that highlight promising district-level strategies for improving teacher workforce diversity. The partnership will support state partners to use the information to take action to improve teacher workforce diversity, share information with and provide support to districts and teacher preparation programs as they make policy and practice decisions, and ultimately support improved student outcomes. Findings will also inform state and district initiatives encouraging teacher retention within the teaching pipeline, increase awareness of available pathway opportunities, and highlight promising professional pathways for potential teachers of color.

No projects at this time.

No projects at this time.

Supporting a More Diverse Teacher Workforce: Research and Promising Approaches: Efforts in Colorado
Join REL Central and its partners at the Colorado Department of Education on February 15 from 1:30-3:00 EST to learn more about teacher diversity in Colorado, teacher diversity trends nationwide, the student-teacher diversity gap at national, state, and...