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Accelerating math achievement in North Dakota

To support teachers to target each individual student’s unique learning needs in math, North Dakota Department of Public Instruction is launching and supporting a grant program to promote the use of differentiated instruction via blended learning in grade 3–8 math classrooms in North Dakota. REL Central will work with the partnership to to build the state’s—and grantee partners’—knowledge of the existing research evidence around how to effectively implement differentiated instruction and to support grantees to apply that knowledge to the design and execution of their blended learning approach.

Current Projects

This technical support project consists of a series of trainings to increase state and local educators’ understanding of how to plan for successful differentiated instruction. REL Central will provide educators with an overview of the evidence base and will facilitate discussions that support them to incorporate these learnings in revising or refining their plans for implementing differentiated instruction. Building on the initial training series, REL Central and the North Dakota Department of Instruction are partnering to facilitate a Community of Practice. This CoP supports grantee districts in practicing and refining their implementation plans for differentiated instruction and blended learning interventions through a series of individual and collaborative coaching sessions. These sessions will focus on enabling the district's ability to support their schools through use of data, evidence, and continuous improvement strategies.

No completed projects at this time.

Event Type: Training Material | Event Date: January 30, 2024
This is the third technical support coaching session where REL Central will support the team as they discuss any areas of concern as North Dakota prepares for their Plan-Do-Study-Act cycle plan and highlight opportunities to strengthen the plan.
Product Type: Fact Sheet | Publication Date: August 2023
This infographic describes the REL Central Partnership for Accelerating Math Achievement in North Dakota.
Product Type: Blog | Publication Date: January 19, 2023
Higher-level math proficiency is built on a strong foundation of early math learning, so it is incumbent on policymakers and schools to consider ways to accelerate learning for students who may have fallen behind. This blog describes multiple REL Central...

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