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Strengthening the Teacher Pipeline in South Dakota to Alleviate Teacher Shortages

This partnership focuses on addressing teacher shortages through the development and implementation of new pathways into teaching for candidates such as paraprofessionals and others already in South Dakota. The work will focus on partnering to support the design and implementation of a nascent teacher apprenticeship program designed to support paraprofessionals as they acquire their teaching degrees and as they are mentored to become certified teachers.

Current Projects

This project seeks to increase the capacity of local educators and design team members to collaboratively design and develop culture-based math modules, as well as increase their understanding of the features of evidence-based professional learning systems.
This project will include coaching and technical support to help the workgroup engage with research insights on the components of effective mentoring programs apply this research as they design the mentoring component of the pilot apprenticeship program.

No completed projects at this time.

Product Type: Infographic | Publication Date: January 2024
Teacher apprenticeships are a relatively new approach to mitigating teacher shortages and there is minimal rigorous research available on their development and implementation. The questions in the infographic represent the decisions that REL Central partners...
Product Type: Infographic | Publication Date: December 2023
Diversifying the teacher workforce—that is, increasing the share of teachers who have the same racial/ethnic and linguistic backgrounds as the students they teach—is a high priority for the states and districts that the Regional Educational Laboratories...

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