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New York Partnership to Strengthen Personalized Learning for Equity

Before the pandemic, significant performance gaps illustrated the profound inequities within New York’s education system. Meaningful disparities in Regents examination data exist between students with disabilities, multilingual learner students, economically disadvantaged students, and Black and Hispanic students and their peers, with differences as high as 46 percentage points in 2019.1 The pandemic has only exacerbated the challenges for New York’s most vulnerable students.2 Since 2016, districts in the Wayne Finger Lakes BOCES region have been implementing personalized learning as a strategy to address inequities in the system and close achievement gaps. District leaders indicate that implementation has been uneven due to disruptions related to the pandemic, and they lack information about the extent to which implementation has taken hold and whether these practices have made a difference for students, particularly for historically marginalized students. This partnership strengthened partners’ capacity to collect data on personalized learning programs in order to monitor progress and drive continuous improvement.

During this partnership, REL Northeast & Islands collaborated with partners on a technical support project to inventory districts’ data systems for collecting personalized learning data, assess the availability of student indicators, identify gaps, and develop an action plan for additional data collection to address these gaps. The resulting data catalogs were designed to inform the development of progress monitoring tools for district leaders to track personalized learning access, participation, and outcomes. REL Northeast & Islands published a blog about this work. The partnership ended with the conclusion of the data catalog project in summer 2023. REL Northeast & Islands thanks its partners for their contributions.

Partnership Organizations: Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES, Gananda Central School District, Sodus Central School District, Waterloo Central School District, Williamson Central School District, and Marion Central School District

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Completed Projects

This project included a series of meetings to lead the Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES and partner districts through a process to identify learner outcomes of interest and related indicators and measures of personalized learning. REL Northeast & Islands researchers, along with district staff, inventoried data systems, assessed the availability of student indicators, identified gaps, and discussed action steps to address these gaps. The data catalog documents administrative data, assessment data, and digital platform data. The final catalog is a flexible-use Excel workbook that provides a shell for organizing and tracking student data relevant for measuring learner outcomes related to personalized learning which could be used across other districts and states.

Product Type: Blog | Publication Date: November 03, 2023
Personalized learning is an instructional approach that empowers students to take ownership of their learning. In this blog, we share recommended best practices for tracking personalized learning implementation.
Event Type: Training Material | Event Date: May 15, 2023
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Event Type: Training Material | Event Date: February 01, 2023
This session will explore the similarities and differences in data elements across districts. Participants will discuss in teams the alignment with data constructs for personalized learning and explore opportunities to combine or repurpose data sources...
Event Type: Training Material | Event Date: November 17, 2022
During this session, participants will learn about best practices related to equity-centered measurement of personalized learning. Next, presenters will share a set of constructs and data elements compiled from the research and will ask districts to work...
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In this training session, participants will begin the process of creating a data catalog to assess learner outcomes for Personalized Learning. The data will help participants to assess next steps in progress monitoring that will lead to establishing a...