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REL Northeast & Islands partners with educators and policymakers in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Virgin Islands to improve learner outcomes. Learn more about REL Northeast & Islands.
What's New at REL Northeast & Islands
Oct 26

Equity in Career and Technical Education and Work-Based Learning: Research and Practitioner Perspectives

This one-hour webinar will provide an overview of current research on equitable access to and outcomes for students participating in career and technical education and work-based learning programs.
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Jul 07

From Innovation to Evidence-based Practice: Building an Evidence Base for Instructional Approaches

Watch Michael Horn, author and speaker about the future of education, discuss how to balance the need for innovation with the need to serve students effectively—a keynote address he delivered at our recent Governing Board Meeting.
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May 05

Making Sense of Educational Assessment

Educational assessment is a systematic process of documenting and using evidence to improve educational programs and student learning. This fact sheet examines the different purposes for and types of educational assessment. It also explores how various...
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Mar 31

What Is Play-based Learning in Kindergarten? A Resource for Parents and Caregivers

Learn about a guided-play approach to learning in kindergarten that encourages children to direct and lead their own play with facilitation and guidance from teachers. This resource offers illustrated examples of how children learn academic and social...
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Nov 10

Using Data to Monitor Access and Equity and Improve CTE/WBL

This REL Northeast & Islands panel, featuring three experts on career and technical education and work-based learning, explores how to use data to understand barriers to equity in career and technical education and work-based learning programs.
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The Effects of Accelerated College Credit Programs on Educational Attainment in Rhode Island
This study examined participation in accelerated college credit programs dual enrollment, concurrent enrollment, and Advanced Placement courses in Rhode Island high schools to understand their effects on educational attainment in the 2013/14 grade 9 cohort...

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