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College and Career Readiness Profiles of High School Graduates
This infographic illustrates the college and career profiles of high school graduates in American Samoa in the 2012–2013 school year.
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REL Pacific is partnering with the American Samoa Department of Education to reach their goal of developing a stronger culture of data use at all levels of the system, including strengthening data-driven decision making around teacher retention and attrition, and providing supports for teachers who directly influence student learning. Learn more

The first training and coaching project Enhancing Central Office Ability to Address Teacher RetentionRetention will engage district-level staff from the ASDOE Teacher Quality Office to develop capacity with collecting data on the teacher workforce, to understand factors that may be influencing teacher attrition, particularly new teachers. Over the course of four training sessions, central office staff will learn about how to collect and use data to gain knowledge about the American Samoa teacher workforce, as well as existing research, literature, and frameworks available to develop a process for data collection and analysis. This project began in January 2024.

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