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What Influences Teacher Attrition
National data suggest that, from one year to the next, about 84 percent of teachers remain in the same school, 8 percent transfer to a different school, and 8 percent leave the profession (Goldring et al., 2014). Leaver. A classroom teacher who takes ...
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This partnership works closely with the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and select school districts across Missouri to enhance mentoring and other supports for early-career teachers so that they are more likely to continue teaching in their district. Learn more

This technical support project will help Ritenour School District develop approaches to examining the perceived working conditions of various groups of and analyze their relationships to teacher retention.

This technical support project is intended to help University City improve teacher retention by building a stronger understanding of strengths and potential gaps in their supports for new teachers.

This study will will leverage data from MO DESE’s spring 2023 first-year teacher surveys to understand the features of mentoring experienced by Missouri first-year teachers and which mentoring features are related to the retention of early-career teachers.

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