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Integrating an American Indian Student Needs Assessment Survey Into Your Current or New Initiatives
There is growing attention to personalizing education to provide students with more flexibility in their education experiences and more time to master academic content (Pane, Steiner, Baird, & Hamilton, 2015). To personalize education, Legacy High Sc ...
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The goal of this partnership is to accelerate student math growth and proficiency in North Dakota. Learn more
This partnership works with Standing Rock educators to improve student interest in math relevance, math achievement, and cultural identity. Ultimately, culture-based instruction may help increase student connection and access to Dakota/Lakota thinking and knowledge. Learn more

This technical support project will provide professional learning supports to help Standing Rock educators build their capacity to develop lesson materials that harness community and cultural knowledge and support student learning.

This technical support project consists of a series of trainings to increase state and local educators’ understanding of how to plan for successful differentiated instruction. REL Central will provide educators with an overview of the evidence base and will facilitate discussions that support them to incorporate these learnings in revising or refining their plans for implementing differentiated instruction.

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