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Internet Connectivity Across the Central States: Wyoming
To stop the spread of COVID-19, schools across the country have had to rely on remote learning instead of in-person classes. The shift to remote learning continues to shed further light on the digital divide for students who lack reliable access to t ...
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The REL Central Wyoming partnership works closely with state partners, including the Wyoming Department of Education (WDE), University of Wyoming (UW), Wyoming Community College Commission (WCCC), Professional Teaching Standards Board (PTSB), and local education and workforce partners, on a teacher apprenticeship program to mitigate the state’s teacher shortage. Learn more
REL Central will work closely with the Wyoming Teacher Apprenticeship Work Group on a technical support project to understand and address key implementation challenges that arise during the roll-out of the teacher apprenticeship program. REL Central will collaborate with the Work Group to: (1) identify progress measures and develop a formative evaluation plan, (2) establish a data infrastructure for ongoing program monitoring, and (3) collaboratively generate, collect, analyze, and use data to inform timely improvements to the program as it unfolds.

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