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Webinar: WWC Procedures and Standards Handbook, Version 5.0

On Thursday, August 25, 2022 from 2:00-3:00pm ET, the WWC will host a webinar to present an overview of the What Works Clearinghouse Procedures and Standards Handbook, Version 5.0. >> More info


New Practice Guide: Preparing Young Children for School

This new practice guide distills recent research into seven evidence-based, practical practices for preschool educators that have the potential to prepare young children to benefit from the learning opportunities they will encounter in school. Display Date: 8/15/2022 >> More info


Procedures and Standards Handbook, Version 5.0

The WWC has released the new Procedures and Standards Handbook, Version 5.0. This newest version of the Handbook added a new chapter that provides a succinct summary of the WWC, has improved organization to align the flow of content with the study review process, and is intended for a broad audience of practitioners, policymakers, and researchers. >> More info


Systematic Review Protocol for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Interventions

This protocol guides the What Works Clearinghouse’s (WWC) systematic reviews interventions to improve the STEM knowledge and skills of students in preschool to grade 12. To conduct the systematic review, this protocol is used in conjunction with version 4.1 of the WWC Standards and Procedures Handbooks and the Study Review Protocol. >> More info


Resources for Educators

Resources for Educators

Visit our resources for educators page to access videos, webinars, and other helpful materials with guidance on evidence-based practices.

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