In 2019, the WWC added a new Practice Guide, Intervention Reports, and other resources to make education research more accessible.
Revamped the Data from Individual Studies Page

The Data from Individual Studies page was updated to make searching by ESSA ratings easier. This year, 231 studies were added to the database.

Developed ESSA Resources

The WWC developed a web page and video that supports users’ implementation efforts under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requirements. States also participated in a webinar that described how the WWC can be used to support evidence under ESSA.

Added Tools for Educators on Effective Use of Technology

The WWC released a Practice Guide that provides higher education instructors, instructional designers, administrators, and other staff with recommendations for supporting learning through the effective use of technology.

For teachers new to using Practice Guides, the WWC hosted a webinar and developed an infographic that provide examples of how Practice Guides can inform classroom practices.

Trained the WWC Community

8 webinars and 2 in person trainings to train 598 people on the WWC Standards and review processes.

64 people passed the online Group Design certification exam.

Connected with Online Users

The WWC site received over 3 million visits, with users downloading over 200,000 resources.

Published Intervention Reports and Related Resources
4 Intervention Reports were published this year, including:
The WWC also released an infographic that describes the three versions of intervention reports and the questions this resource can answer.

Connect With the WWC

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