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This document provides guidance about how to describe studies and report their findings in a way that is clear, complete, and transparent. Information is provided on how to clearly report study characteristics for the intervention condition, comparison condition, setting and participants. The guide also highlights important elements of reporting study design and analysis. Suggestions are provided for conveying the method of sample formation, outcome measures, analytic approach, statistical adjustments and missing data. Also included in the guide are templates for reporting details on study design and findings.

This document does not include information about how studies are judged against WWC evidence standards. For information about WWC evidence standards, please refer to the WWC Procedures and Standards Handbook, Version 3.0.

Table of Contents

  • I. Study Characteristics
  • II. Study Design and Analysis
  • III. Study Data
  • Table 1. Pre-Intervention Sample Sizes and Characteristics for the Baseline Sample
  • Table 2. Pre-Intervention Sample Sizes and Characteristics for the Analytic Sample
  • Table 3. Post-Intervention Outcomes for the Analytic Sample and Estimated Effects

Document Details

  • Version: 1.0
  • Released: August 2012

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