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Reviewing individual education research studies is the foundation of all WWC products. Therefore, the WWC trains and certifies its reviewers to ensure that all reviews that are produced are accurate representations of whether studies meet WWC evidence standards.

Becoming a WWC-Certified Reviewer

WWC-certified reviewers have attended an in-person training session led by the WWC, have passed a multiple choice test covering WWC concepts, and have successfully completed a review of a study against WWC evidence standards using the WWC study review guide.

Currently, three different training sessions are available: Group Design (RCT and QED), Single-Case Design (SCD), and Regression Discontinuity Design (RDD). All training sessions focus explicitly on the WWC evidence standards and how they apply to research design, methodology, and analysis.

The WWC review process is challenging. Strong design and analysis skills are required for understanding technical concepts about study design, calculating effect sizes, and determining the statistical significance of findings. Typically, individuals with the requisite skills will have an earned doctorate in social science (e.g., economics, sociology, psychology) or equivalent.

To receive occasional email updates about future WWC training opportunities, please contact the help desk.

Public List of WWC-Certified Reviewers

The WWC maintains a list of WWC-certified reviewers who have agreed to making their contact information publicly available. If you are interested in having a WWC-certified reviewer participate in non-WWC related review activities, please contact the reviewer or point of contact directly.

•  Find a WWC Certified Reviewer

If you are a WWC-certified reviewer and would like to add your name to the publicly-available list, please contact the help desk.

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