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Everyday MathematicsĀ®
Primary Mathematics

Everyday Mathematics® was found to have potentially positive effects on mathematics achievement for primary students.

Everyday Mathematics® is a core curriculum for students in prekindergarten through grade 6. At each grade level, the Everyday Mathematics® curriculum provides students with multiple opportunities to learn concepts and practice skills. Across grade levels, concepts are reviewed and extended in varying instructional contexts. The distinguishing features of Everyday Mathematics® are its focus on real-life problem solving, student communication of mathematical thinking, and appropriate use of technology. This curriculum also emphasizes balancing different types of instruction (including collaborative learning), using various methods for skills practice, and fostering parent involvement in student learning.


study that met standards out of
eligible studies reviewed
Outcome Domain Effectiveness Rating Grades Evidence Tier
General Mathematics Achievement Potentially positive effects 3-5

Last Updated: November 2015

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Note: This summary only includes data from studies that reported sample information. The Intervention Report may include evidence from other studies that met standards, but did not report sample information.

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