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Herman Method™
Students with a Specific Learning Disability

As of July 2010 no studies of Herman Method™ were found that fell within the scope of the Students with a Specific Learning Disability review protocol and met WWC design standards. Therefore, the WWC is unable to draw any research based conclusions about the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of Herman Method™ to improve outcomes in this area.
The Herman Method™ teaches reading in small groups of up to three students. The curriculum provides instruction in phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and reading comprehension, while also teaching spelling and writing. It contains 20 modules of instruction through a fifth grade level. Each module includes a reading, spelling, and handwriting component. The 2010 curriculum uses direct instruction and drill and practice exercises provided through different media, including flash cards, computer-based software programs, workbook exercises, and guided reading books. The Herman Method™ has been used with struggling readers, English language learners, and learning-disabled students.

Last Updated: July 2010

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