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Summer bridge programs
Supporting Postsecondary Success

Summer bridge programs are designed to ease the transition to college and support postsecondary success by providing students with the academic skills and social resources needed to succeed in a college environment. These programs occur in the summer “bridge” period between high school and college. Although the content of summer bridge programs can vary across institutions and by the population served, they typically last 2–4 weeks and involve (a) an in-depth orientation to college life and resources, (b) academic advising, (c) training in skills necessary for college success (e.g., time management and study skills), and/or (d) accelerated academic coursework.


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Outcome Domain Effectiveness Rating Grades Evidence Tier
Attainment Potentially positive effects PS

Last Updated: July 2016




Male: 67%
Female: 33%

Delivery Method

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Small Group
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Note: This summary only includes data from studies that reported sample information. The Intervention Report may include evidence from other studies that met standards, but did not report sample information.

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