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Fluency Formula

Fluency Formula™ is a supplemental curriculum designed to promote reading fluency in grades 1–6. The program emphasizes automatic recognition of words, decoding accuracy, and oral expressiveness as the foundations for building reading fluency. A daily 10- to 15-minute lesson is delivered in the classroom. Students participate in whole-class, small-group, and individual practice activities using workbooks, read-aloud anthologies, library books, fluency activity cards, and audio CDs. The curriculum encourages at-home practice and includes a Fluency Formula™ Assessment System, which allows teachers to assess student fluency using 1-minute grade-level passages and a timer.

Reviewed Research

June 2007
Studies meeting standards Grades
Students Improvement
Comprehension Potentially negative effects 1 study meets standards 2 128
Sivin-Kachala, J., & Bialo, E. (2005) 2 128
Reading Fluency Potentially positive effects 1 study meets standards 2 128
Sivin-Kachala, J., & Bialo, E. (2005) 2 128

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