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Voyager Universal Literacy System®

The Voyager Universal Literacy System® is a core reading program designed to help students learn to read at or above grade level by the end of grade 3. This program uses strategies such as individual reading instruction, higher-level comprehension activities, problem solving, and writing. Students are also exposed to computer-based practice and reinforcement in phonological skills, comprehension, fluency, language development, and writing. The program uses whole classroom, small group, and independent group settings. Voyager Universal Literacy System® emphasizes regular assessments, with biweekly reviews for struggling students and quarterly assessments for all students.

Reviewed Research

August 2007
Studies meeting standards Grades
Students Improvement
Alphabetics Potentially positive effects 2 studies meet standards K 611
Frechtling, J. A., Zhang, X., & Silverstein, G. (2006) K 398
Hecht, S. A. (2003) K 213
Comprehension Potentially negative effects 1 study meets standards K 213
Hecht, S. A. (2003) K 213

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