WWC Summary of Evidence for this Intervention

Facilitating Long-term Improvements in Graduation and Higher Education for Tomorrow (FLIGHT)

FLIGHT is a program based on partnership of a private non-profit (Taking Stock in Children) and local educational agencies with the goal of increasing the extent to which low-income students with academic promise are prepared for, enrolled in, and successful in college. Specifically, FLIGHT provides school-based mentoring, college prep, and wrap-around services for at-risk students who show potential to be successful in postsecondary education endeavors.

Reviewed Research

April 2019
Studies meeting standards Grades
Students Improvement
Access and enrollment Potentially positive effects 1 study meets standards 7-11 180
Philp, J. D. (2015) 7-11 180
Attendance (high school) No discernible effects 1 study meets standards 7-11 241 --
Philp, J. D. (2015) 7-11 241 --
General academic achievement (high school) No discernible effects 1 study meets standards 7-11 240 --
Philp, J. D. (2015) 7-11 240 --

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