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Waterford Early Reading Program
Beginning Reading

Waterford Early Reading Program™ was found to have potentially positive effects on alphabetics and no discernible effects on comprehension.

Waterford Early Reading Programâ„¢ is a software-based curriculum for students in kindergarten through grade 2. The curriculum is designed to promote reading, writing, and typing, incorporating literacy skills such as letter mastery, language stories, spelling, basic writing skills, reading and listening development, and comprehension strategies. It can be used as a supplement to the regular reading curriculum. Program materials include classroom lessons and take-home materials in addition to the Waterford software. Waterford Early Reading Programâ„¢ offers pretest placement and posttest assessments, in addition to ongoing assessments throughout the program.


study that met standards out of
eligible studies reviewed
Outcome Domain Effectiveness Rating Grades Evidence Tier
Alphabetics Potentially positive effects K
Comprehension No discernible effects K

Last Updated: July 2007

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Note: This summary only includes data from studies that reported sample information. The Intervention Report may include evidence from other studies that met standards, but did not report sample information.

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