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ACT Aspire™
Transition to College

As of May 2017 no studies of ACT Aspire™ were found that fell within the scope of the Transition to College review protocol and met WWC design standards. Therefore, the WWC is unable to draw any research based conclusions about the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of ACT Aspire™ to improve outcomes in this area.
The ACT Aspire™ system provides a longitudinal, systematic approach for assessing and monitoring students’ preparation for high school studies and readiness for college and career. ACT Aspire™ includes assessments for students from grade 3 through early high school in five subject areas: English, mathematics, reading, science, and writing. The system uses a standard scoring system that measures progress through each grade level and culminates with the ACT® college admissions test. The ACT Aspire™ system includes a variety of reporting features that permit schools to track individual student progress and examine trends for groups of learners. An earlier version of the program, the Educational Planning and Assessment System (EPAS®), included assessments for students in grades 8 and 9 to measure preparation for high school studies (EXPLORE®), grade 10 to measure preparation for college and the workplace (PLAN®), and grades 11 and 12 to measure readiness for life after high school (the ACT®). ACT began phasing out the use of EPAS® in 2014 and replaced it with the new ACT Aspire™ system.

Last Updated: May 2017

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This intervention report was prepared for the WWC by Abt Associates under contract ED-IES-16-C-0024.

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