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This practice guide presents six evidence-based recommendations for college and university faculty, administrators, and advisors working to improve the success of students academically underprepared for college. Each recommendation includes an overview of the practice, a summary of evidence used in support of the evidence rating, guidance on how to carry out the recommendation, and suggested approaches to overcome potential roadblocks. Each recommendation includes an implementation checklist as guidance for getting started with implementing the recommendation.
Use multiple measures to assess postsecondary readiness and place students.
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Require or incentivize regular participation in enhanced advising activities.
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Offer students performance-based monetary incentives.
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Compress or mainstream developmental education with course redesign.
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Teach students how to become self-regulated learners.
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Implement comprehensive, integrated, and long-lasting support programs.
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  • Administrators
  • Advisors
  • Faculty

This practice guide was prepared for the WWC by Development Services Group, Inc. under contract ED–IES–12–C–0084.

The following research staff contributed to the guide: William Doyle, Jeffrey C. Valentine, Robin LaSota, Joshua R. Polanin, Elizabeth Spinney, Wesley Wilson, Martha Yeide, and Sarah H. Young.

  • Thomas Bailey (Chair)
    Teachers College, Columbia University
  • Joanne Bashford
    Miami Dade College
  • Angela Boatman
    Vanderbilt University
  • John Squires
    Southern Regional Education Board
  • Michael Weiss
ePub: Strategies for Postsecondary Students in Developmental Education–A Practice Guide for College and University Administrators, Advisors, and Faculty
November 29, 2016

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