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Many What Works Clearinghouse™ resources summarize the research evidence on reading programs and strategies. These resources provide guidance for improving reading comprehension, fluency, and literacy achievement for readers in grades K–12.

Laying the FoundationLaying the Foundation
Get young readers started on the right track. To help young learners, teach skills from a WWC practice guide on reading comprehension.

Ticket to LiteracyTicket to Literacy
Looking to improve your school or district’s literacy achievement? WWC intervention reports examine the effectiveness of interventions for K–12 students. Use this link to access the WWC’s Find What Works feature and view information on nearly 50 intervention reports showing positive or potentially positive effects from literacy interventions for K–12 students.

Making the ConnectionMaking the Connection
A WWC practice guide on teaching academic content to English language learners provides instruction strategies, recommendations, and tips to improve literacy for elementary and middle school English learners.

Getting Up to SpeedGetting Up to Speed
Get practical tips from a WWC practice guide to help struggling readers.

The Write TrackThe "Write" Track
Recommendations from a WWC practice guide offer steps and solutions to address common writing roadblocks.

train car icon Freight Car
Looking for more technical resources? Check out the WWC database of reviewed studies and visit our current research protocols for active areas of literacy research.

Teachers, administrators, and policymakers can learn where to find literacy resources within the WWC in this printable graphic.

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