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Welcome to the What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) group design standards training. The WWC offers this training to inform the public about the key elements of the WWC group design standards, increase transparency of our review process, and promote the use of rigorous, high-quality research.


This training series includes nine modules, each focused on a different aspect of the WWC group design standards and procedures. We recommend viewing the modules in numerical order. Start with the introductory module, which describes the goals, topics, and organization of this training.

You may continue a previous training session by clicking “My Training Session” above.


If you view the first six modules on WWC standards in this training series, you will earn a certificate of completion. When you complete the Systematic Reviews module, choose the "Print Certificate" menu option on the left to receive your certificate.


Becoming certified in the WWC group design standards requires that you view all nine modules on the WWC Standards and Procedures and successfully complete a multiple-choice certification test. You will have four opportunities to take and pass the test, which includes shorter multiple-choice questions and two multiple-part questions that simulate a review. When you successfully complete the test, you will be able to print a certificate as proof that you are certified in the WWC group design standards.

Take the test

Upon successfully passing the certification test, you will be a certified reviewer for the WWC. Those who successfully complete this level of certification can be included in the list of certified reviewers on the WWC website, and the WWC or the Institute of Education Sciences may contact you about assisting with review efforts. Contact the WWC Help Desk if you wish to be listed as a WWC certified reviewer.

To receive updates about new training content and/or certification options, please subscribe to the WWC's Newsflash.

Becoming recertified under version 4.1

Trainees who have attained version 4.0 certification may recertify to version 4.1 by following the recertification process outlined on this page.

Becoming a Certified Reviewer in Regression Discontinuity Design Standards or Single-Case Design Standards

Trainees who wish to become certified in regression discontinuity design (RDD) or single-case design (SCD) standards should first become certified in the group design standards. To become RDD or SCD certified, trainees must attend an in-person training session, pass the relevant certification exam, and complete a study review guide. RDD and SCD trainings are offered periodically. To receive updates about upcoming trainings, please subscribe to the WWC’s Newsflash.


This page provides details on how WWC reviewers already certified under version 4.0 of the WWC Group Design Standards can become recertified under version 4.1. The version 4.1 recertification process involves two steps. First, reviewers certified under version 4.0 should watch the recertification video below, to learn about the application of the most significant changes under version 4.1 standards and procedures.

After watching the video, reviewers should email the WWC Help Desk via Contact.WWC@ed.gov to receive a multiple-choice knowledge check question. Upon correctly answering the knowledge check question, reviewers’ certification will be updated to version 4.1. Reviewers will be given up to three opportunities to pass a knowledge check question to become certified under version 4.1.

Reviewers who have never been certified by the WWC, or who have group design standards certification in version 3.0 or an earlier version, should become certified under version 4.1 by watching the version 4.1 online training modules and completing the certification exam.

Throughout this module, screenshots are used from the version 4.0 SRG. Enhancements to the version 4.1 SRG are in progress. However, these enhancements will not significantly alter the SRG user experience for certified reviewers.

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