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FY 2009 Awards, Cycle 1, Awarded March 1, 2009

NCER made a series of new research grant awards in March. The list of awards is for Cycle 1 only, and is as follows:

Reading and Writing

Designing Assessment to Enhance English Literacy Development Among Spanish-Speaking Children in Grades K–3
The Rectors and Visitors of the University of Virginia, Marcia Invernizzi

Development of a Multifaceted, Comprehensive Vocabulary Instructional Program for the Upper Elementary Grades
University of Wyoming, James Baumann

Investigating Vocabulary Breadth and Depth and Comprehension in English Monolingual and Spanish-English Bilingual Elementary School Students
University of Maryland, Rebecca Silverman

National Randomized Controlled Trial Study of SRA/McGraw-Hill Open-Court Reading Program
Southwest Educational Development Corporation, Michael Vaden-Kiernan

Mathematics and Science Education

The Cognitive, Psychometric, and Instructional Validity of Curriculum-Embedded Assessments: In-Depth Analyses of the Resources Available to Teachers Within "Everyday Mathematics"
University of Illinois at Chicago, James Pellegrino

Systems and Cycles: Using Structure-Behavior-Function Thinking as a Conceptual Tool for Understanding Complex Natural Systems in Middle School Science
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Cindy Hmelo-Silver

Testing the Effectiveness of CALM for High School Chemistry Students
Indiana University, Jonathan Plucker

Efficacy of the Science Writing Heuristic Approach
University of Iowa, Brian Hand

ASSISTment Meets Science Learning (AMSL)
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Janice Gobert

Molecules & Minds: Developing Bridging Scaffolds to Improve Chemistry Learning
New York University, Catherine Milne

Efficacy Study of AnimalWatch: An Intelligent Tutoring System for Pre-Algebra
WestEd, Steve Schneider

Cognition and Student Learning

An Efficacy Study of Two Computer-Based Attention Training Systems in Schools
Tufts Medical Center, Naomi Steiner

Teacher Quality — Mathematics and Science

INSPIRE Urban Teaching Fellows Program
University of Cincinnati, Carla Johnson

Social and Behavioral Context for Academic Learning

Improving Classroom Learning Environments by Cultivating Awareness and Resilience in Education (CARE)
The Pennsylvania State University, Patricia Jennings

Online School Staff Training: Establishing Positive Behavior Supports in Elementary School Instructional Settings
IRIS Media, Inc., Brion Marquez

Mindfulness-Based Academic Achievement Program for Middle School
Innovation Research & Training, Inc., Alison Parker

Enhancing Effectiveness and Connectedness among Early Career Teachers in Urban Schools
University of Illinois at Chicago, Elisa Shernoff

Education Policy, Finance and Systems

A Randomized Trial of Reducing Stereotype Threat among Minority and Economically Disadvantaged Students
National Bureau of Economic Research, Thomas Dee

The Effects of No Child Left Behind on Student Outcomes and School Services
Columbia University, Jonah Rockoff & Randall Reback

The Impact of School Accountability Sanctions on Student Outcomes: Evidence from North Carolina
Duke University, Jacob Vigdor & Thomas Ahn

Modeling Longitudinal Effects of New York City's 5th Grade Promotion Policy on Student Achievement through a Regression Discontinuity Design
RAND Corporation, Louis Mariano & Sheila Kirby

Early Childhood Programs and Policies

Assessing the Efficacy of a Comprehensive Intervention in Physical Science on Head Start Teachers and Children
Education Development Center, Inc., Nancy Clark-Chiarelli

Teacher Quality: The Role of Teacher Study Groups as a Model of Professional Development in Early Literacy for Preschool Teachers
University of California, Berkeley, Anne Cunningham

Specific Aspects of Quality that Support Children's School Readiness in Community-Based and School-Based Early Childhood Programs
University of Illinois at Chicago, Rachel Gordon

Improving School Readiness of High Risk Preschoolers: Combining High Quality Instructional Strategies with Reponsive Training for Teachers and Parents
University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, Susan Landry

Learning-Related Cognitive Self-Regulation School Readiness Measures for Preschool Children: Optimizing Predictive Validity for Achievement
Vanderbilt University, Mark W. Lipsey

Development of a Comprehensive Assessment System for Spanish-Speaking English Language Learner's Early Literacy Skills
Florida State University, Christopher Lonigan

The World of Words: An Embedded Multimedia Vocabulary Intervention for Economically Disadvantaged Pre-K Children
University of Michigan, Susan Neuman

Preparing to Succeed: An Efficacy Trial of Two Early Childhood Curricula
Harvard University, Hiro Yoshikawa

Interventions for Struggling Adolescent and Adult Readers and Writers

Strengthening Content Literacy for Struggling High School Readers: Coordinated Lessons and Support Systems for Subject Matter Teachers
Johns Hopkins University, James McPartland

Disciplinary Writing Instruction for the Social Studies Classroom: A Path to Adolescent Literacy
University of Maryland, Susan de la Paz

The ESTRELLAS Project: Electronic Supported Text Research for English Language Learner Academic Success
University of Oregon, Lynne Anderson-Inman

Postsecondary Education

A Longitudinal Study of International Baccalaureate Students? Postsecondary Education Access, Performance, and Persistence
University of Pennsylvania, Henry May

Making the Connection: Engaging and Retaining Young Adults in Postsecondary Education
University of Minnesota, David Johnson

Simplification and Incentives: A Randomized Experiment for Increasing College Savings
National Bureau of Economic Research, Bridget Long

Research on Statistical and Research Methodology in Education

Practical Solutions for Missing Data and Imputation
Columbia University, Andrew Gelman

Statistical Properties of Regression Discontinuity Analysis and Comparative Interrupted Time Series Analysis for Estimating Impacts
MDRC, Howard Bloom

Using Instrumental Variables Analysis Coupled with Rigorous Multi-Site Impact Studies to Study the Causal Paths by which Educational Interventions Affect Student Outcomes
MDRC, Howard Bloom

Reducing Bias and Improving Efficiency of Estimated Teacher Effects from Value-Added Models
RAND Corporation, John Lockwood

Examining the Changes in Methodology that Occur Between the Design and Implementation of Field Trials in Education
Western Michigan University, Jessaca Spybrook

Estimation and Inference in Education Research when Actions by Participants Impact Validity and Availability of Data
RAND Corporation, John Engberg

Hierarchical Linear Modeling Under Multilevel Non-Ignorable Non-Responses with Applications to NAEP Data
University of California – Riverside, Jun Li

Using Imperfect Fidelity Measures to Improve Statistical Inferences about Educational Interventions
Southern Methodist University, Lynne Stokes

Developing Time-Indexed Effect Size Metrics in K–12 Reading and Math
University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, Jaekyung Lee

Development of Accessible Methodologies and Software in Hierarchical Models with Missing Data
NORC, Stephen Raudenbush

Cross-Classified Structural Equations Model: Development of an OpenMX Module and its Application to Multiyear Assessment and Intervention Data in Literacy Research
University of Houston, Paras Mehta