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NCER announces new FY 2009 Awards (July 1, 2009)

NCER recently awarded a total of 52 awards to applications considered under the three FY 2009 competitions: Education Research Grants Program (CFDA 84.305A); Predoctoral Training Grants Program (CFDA 84.305B); and Evaluation of State and Local Education Programs and Policies (84.305E).

Education Research Grants Program (CFDA 84.305A)

NCER recently awarded 36 new research grants under the Education Research Grants Program to applications considered under the October 2008 deadline. These awards are:

Reading and Writing

A Multi-Part Intervention for Accelerating Vocabulary Acquisition Through Inductive Transfer
Florida Atlantic University, Nancy Romance

Responding to the National Crisis in Writing: An Efficacy Study of an Elementary Grades Writing Program
Education Development Center, Inc., Andrea Kotula

Measuring Vocabulary Knowledge with Testlets: A New Tool for Assessment
University of California, Santa Cruz, Judith Scott

Mathematics and Science Education

Academic Achievement in Limited English Proficient Students: A Multivariate Latent Growth Modeling Analysis of Predictors, Mediators, and Moderators
Lake Forest College, Sergio Guglielmi

Promoting Robust Understanding Of Genetics With A Cognitive Tutor That Integrates Conceptual Learning With Problem Solving
Carnegie Mellon University, Albert Corbett

Cosmic Chemistry: Engaging Summer Learning for High School Students
Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning (McREL), Dawn Mackety

Promoting Science Among English Language Learners (P-SELL): Efficacy and Sustainability
University of Miami, Okhee Lee

Applications Of Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) To Improve The Skill Levels Of Students With Deficiencies In Mathematics
University of Memphis, Xiangen Hu

Spatial Temporal Mathematics At Scale: An Innovative And Fully Develped Paradigm To Boost Math Achievement Among All Learners
University of California, Irvine, Michael Martinez

Cognition and Student Learning

Creating Scalable Interventions for Enhancing Student Learning and Performance
New York University, Joshua Aronson

Focusing on the Efficacy of Teaching Advanced Forms of Patterning on First Graders' Improvements in Reading, Mathematics, and Reasoning Ability
George Mason University, Robert Pasnak

Teacher Quality: Reading and Writing

Impact of Teacher Study Groups as Observed Teaching Practice and Student Vocabulary Knowledge: A Multi-Site Randomized Control Trial in First Grade
Instructional Research Group, Russell Gersten

Social and Behavioral Context for Academic Learning

Examining Variation in the Impact of School-Wide PBIS
Johns Hopkins University, Catherine Bradshaw

Organizational Skills Interventions for Children With ADHD
Children's Hospital Medical Center, Joshua Langberg

SECURe: Developing an Integrated Social, Emotional, and Cognitive Understanding and Regulation Intervention
University of Michigan, Frederick Morrison

Development of The "4R-SUCCESS" Program Aimed at Improving Elementary School-Aged Children Social and Scholastic Competence
Arizona State University, Gary Ladd

Effects of Classroom Management Training on Early Learning Skills
Duke University, Desiree Murray

The Social Skills Improvement System Classwide Intervention Program: Social, Behavioral, and Academic Outcomes in the Intermediate Grades
The Pennsylvania State University, James DiPerna

Professional Development to Support and Sustain a Classroom Behavior Management Strategy
American Institutes for Research, Jeanne Poduska

Education Leadership

School Leadership for Student Achievement: A Survey and Quasi-Experimental Analysis of Leadership in Florida
University of Wisconsin, Eric Camburn

School Leader Communication Model (SLCM)
Syracuse University, Benjamin Dotger

Developing and Validating the Next Generation of Leadership Evaluation Tools: Formative Assessment for High Stakes Accountability
University of Wisconsin, Richard Halverson

Education Policy, Finance, and Systems

When to Exit ELL Students: Monitoring Subsequent Success and Failure in Mainstream Classrooms after ELL's Reclassification
University of California, Los Angeles, Joan Herman

Collaborative, Technology-Enhanced Lesson Planning as an Organizational Routine for Continuous, School-Wide Instructional Improvement
University of Pittsburgh, Mary Stein

A Multisite Evaluation of the Implementation and Impact of Supplemental Educational Services
University of Wisconsin, Carolyn Heinrich

Systems Leadership in Middle School: A School Policy Intervention With Random Assignment
University of South Florida, Kathryn Borman

Summer School and Summer Learning: An Examination of Selection, Implementation, and Program Effects in a Multiyear Randomized Trial
University of Oregon, Keith Zvoch

Early Childhood Programs and Practices

Preschool Program Impacts on School Readiness: Variation By Prior Child Language And Attention Skills, And The Quality Of Infant/Toddler Care
University of California, Irvine, George Farkas

Experimental Validation of the Tools Of the Mind Prekindergarten Curriculum
Vanderbilt University, Dale Farran

Lens on Science: Development and Validation of a Computer-Administered, Adaptive, IRT-Based Science Assessment for Preschool Children
University of Miami, Daryl Greenfield

Interventions for Struggling Adolescent and Adult Readers and Writers

Word Generation: An Efficacy Trial
Harvard University, Catherine Snow

Assessing Online Reading Coimprehension: The ORCA Project
University of Connecticut, Donald Leu

Education Technology

The Assess-As-You-Go Writing Assistant: A Student Work Environment That Brings Together Formative and Summative Assessment
University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign, William Cope

STEPS To Literacy: An Integrated Digital Writing Space for English Language Learners
Teachers College, Columbia University, Charles Kinzer

Adapterrex: Exploring the Learning Benefits of Erroneous Examples and Their Dynamic Adaptations Within the Context Of Middle School Mathematics
Carnegie Mellon University, Bruce McLaren

Learning by Teaching Synthetic Student: Using Simstudent to Study the Effect of Tutor Learning
Carnegie Mellon University, Noboru Matsuda


Predoctoral Research Training Programs (CFDA 84.305B)

NCER recently awarded 11 new predoctoral training grants under the Education Research Training Grants Program. These awards are:

Predoctoral Research Training Programs

Stanford University Predoctoral Training Program in Quantitative Educational Policy Analysis
Stanford University, Sean Reardon

Research in Cognition and Mathematics Education
University of California, Berkeley, Geoffrey Saxe

Training Interdisciplinary Eductional Scientists (TIES) Program
Pennsylvania State University, Thomas Farmer

Interdisciplinary Pre-Doctoral Research Training Program
Michigan State University, Robert Floden

Preparing Scholars for Rigorous Mixed-Method Studies of K-20 Education Policies and Programs: The Collaborative Researchers for Education Sciences Training (CREST) Program
University of Washington, Robert Abbott

Interdisciplinary Training Program in the Education Sciences (ITP)
University of Wisconsin, Adam Gamoran

The University of Chicago Pre-Doctoral Training Program in Education Sciences
University of Chicago, Stephen Raudenbush

Predoctoral Interdisciplinary Research Training
Florida State University, Christopher Lonigan

University of Virginia Predoctoral Training Program in Education Sciences (PTPES)
University of Virginia, Robert Pianta

University of Pennsylvania Pre-doctoral Training Program in Interdisciplinary Methods for Field-based Research in Education
University of Pennsylvania, Rebecca Maynard

Program in Interdisciplinary Education Research (PIER)
Carnegie Mellon University, David Klahr


Evaluation of State and Local Education Programs and Policies Program (CFDA 84.305E)

NCER recently awarded 5 new research grants under the Evaluation of State and Local Education Programs and Policies Program. These awards are:

Evaluation of State and Local Education Programs and Policies

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Tennessee's Voluntary Pre-K Program
Vanderbilt University, Mark Lipsey

Proposal to Measure the Impact of Indiana's System of Diagnostic Assessments on Student Achievement Outcomes
Learning Point Associates, Shazia Miller

Evaluation of Core Knowledge Charter Schools in Colorado
University of Virginia, David Grissmer

Evaluation of Ninth Grade Academies in Broward County Public Schools and the State Of Florida
MDRC, Corinne Herlihy

Evaluation of the New Jersey Preschool Expansion (NJPE) Program
Mathematica Policy Research, Inc., Christine Ross