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NCER announces FY 2016 Awards

Education Research Grants Program (CFDA 84.305A)

Through the National Center for Education Research, IES recently made 57 new awards under the Education Research Grants Program (CFDA 84.305A) to applications considered under the August 2015 deadline. The total spending for all awards under CFDA 84.305A is approximately $105 million. Click on the title of each project to get more information about each award:

Cognition and Student Learning

Understanding the Mechanisms Supporting Knowledge Integration in Traditional and Dual-Language Classrooms
Emory University, Patricia Bauer

Generating Large and Sustained Impacts on Early Language Skills: Evaluation of Timing and Duration of Intervention
Florida State University, Christopher Lonigan

Cognitive Support for Learning Fractional Magnitudes
Ohio State University, John Opfer

An Efficacy Study of Interleaved Mathematics Practice
University of South Florida, Douglas Rohrer

How Dynamic Gestures and Directed Actions Contribute to Mathematical Proof Practices
University of Wisconsin, Madison, Mitchell Nathan

Exploring the Roles of Pattern and Spatial Skills in Early Mathematics Development
Vanderbilt University, Bethany Rittle-Johnson

Early Learning Programs and Policies

Development of the Bilingual Assessment of Phonological Sensitivity
Columbia University, Teachers College, Carol Hammer

Contexts Inside and Outside of School Walls as Predictors of Differential Effectiveness in Preschool Professional Development
Northwestern University, Terri Sabol

Efficacy of the BrightStart! Program for Promoting Emergent Literacy Skills of PreKindergarten Children at Risk for Reading Difficulties
Ohio State University, Shayne Piasta

Testing the Association between Physical Activity Level and Executive Functions in Early Childhood
Research Triangle Institute, Michael Willoughby

Development and Validation of the Emotional Teacher Rating Scale (EMOTERS) for Preschool Classrooms
University of Illinois at Chicago, Katherine Zinsser

Expanding Early Language and Literacy Spanish Individual Growth and Development Indicators to Monitor Progress: PM-S-IGDIs
University of Minnesota, Alicia Wackerle-Hollman

Making Progress with Progress Monitoring: Developing Early Literacy and Language Individual and Growth Development Indicators as Progress Monitoring Tools
University of Minnesota, Alicia Wackerle-Hollman

Expanding Individual Growth and Development Indicators of Language and Early Literacy for Universal Screening in Multi-Tiered Systems of Support with Three-Year-Olds
University of Minnesota, Scott McConnell

Education Leadership

District Policies Related to Principal Evaluation, Learning-Centered Leadership, and Student Achievement
University of Connecticut, Morgaen Donaldson

Education Technology

Uno, Dos, Tres, Listos! Monitoring Kindergarten Readiness Bilingually
University of Houston, Elena Grigorenko

Response-to-Text Tasks to Assess Students' Use of Evidence and Organization in Writing: Using Natural Language Processing for Scoring Writing and Providing Feedback At-Scale
University of Pittsburgh, Diane Litman

Effective Teachers and Effective Teaching

Fourth and Fifth Graders' Growth in Writing Knowledge, Motivation, and Performance: The Influence of Teacher Instruction and Assessment Practices in the Context of Common Core State Standards
Michigan State University, Gary Troia

The Impact of New Mexico's Teacher Evaluation System on Student Academic Outcomes
RAND Corporation, Kata Mihaly

A Diagnostic Assessment of Meanings That Matter for Teaching High School Mathematics
University of California, Berkeley, Karen Draney

The Day Reconstruction Method: A New Tool for Measuring Teachers' Work and Work Contexts
University of Wisconsin, Madison, Eric Camburn

English Learners

A Multisite Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) of Descubriendo la Lectura (DLL) Topic Area: English learners
American Institutes for Research (AIR), Trisha Borman

Investigating the Efficacy of a Web-Based Early Reading Intervention Professional Development Program for K-1 English Learners
University of Delaware, Steven Amendum

Cognitive and Motivational Contributors to Reading Comprehension in English Learners (ELs) and English Monolinguals (EMs): Different or Similar Growth Patterns
University of Maryland, College Park, Ana Taboada Barber

Improving Education Systems

Alignment, Timing and Support: The Effect of Early Intervention on Student College Readiness
American Institutes for Research (AIR), Zeyu Xu

Implementation of Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards: Changes in Classroom Instruction and Student Achievement
University of Chicago, Elaine Allensworth

The Causal Impact of Attending a Career-Technical High School on Student Achievement, High School Graduation, and College Enrollment
University of Connecticut, Shaun Dougherty

Mathematics and Science Education

Learning Progression-based and NGSS-aligned Formative Assessment for Using Mathematical Thinking in Science
Education Testing Service, Hui Jin

Developing and Testing Multi-Component Computer-Based Assessment Tasks for the Next Generation Science Standards
University of California, Berkeley, Mark Wilson

Postsecondary and Adult Education

AIR Early College Follow-Up Efficacy Study
American Institutes for Research (AIR), Mengli Song

Exploring Writing Achievement and Its Role in Success at 4-Year Postsecondary Institutions
Education Testing Service, Jill Burstein

Developing and Validating Web-administered, Reading for Understanding Assessments for Adult Education
Educational Testing Service, John Sabatini

Evaluation of Florida's Developmental Education Redesign
Florida State University, Shouping Hu

Assessing the Long-Term Efficacy and Costs of the City University of New York's (CUNY'S) Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP)
MDRC, Michael Weiss

Mapping Barriers to Community College Completion Among Older Learners: Identifying Malleable Factors to Improve Student Outcomes
Miami University, Phyllis Cummins

Could Connecting Students with Financial Aid Lead to Better College Outcomes? A Proposal to Test the Effectiveness of FAFSA Interventions Using the NPSAS Sample
National Bureau of Economic Research, Bridget Terry Long

Strengthening Present-Future Self-Continuity Improves College Persistence
University of Arizona, Virginia Kwan

Supporting Strategic Writers: Effects of an Innovative Developmental Writing Program on Writing and Reading Outcomes
University of Delaware, Charles MacArthur

Exploring the Mediators and Moderators of Metacomprehension Accuracy
University of Illinois at Chicago, Jennifer Wiley

Inference-Making and Reasoning: Refinement of an Assessment for Use in Gateway Biology Courses
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Jennifer Cromley

Financial Aid Nudges: A National Experiment to Increase Retention of Financial Aid and College Persistence
Temple University, Sara Goldrick-Rab

Reading and Writing

Exploration of Writing Instruction for Kindergarten Children
University of Cincinnati, Ying Guo

Efficacy Evaluation of Zoology One: Kindergarten Research Labs
University of Pennsylvania, Abigail Gray

The Scale Up of Promoting Adolescents Comprehension of Text
University of Texas, Austin, Gregory Roberts

Efficacy of the Core Knowledge Language Arts Listening and Learning Read Aloud Program in Kindergarten through Second Grade Classrooms
University of Virginia, Sonia Cabell

Social and Behavioral Context for Academic Learning

Sluggish Cognitive Tempo: Examining its Impact on Educational Functioning
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Stephen Becker

Testing the Efficacy of Embedded Social Skills within a Universal Classroom Management Program: Well-Managed Schools
Iowa State University of Science and Technology, Cleve Redmond

RAP Club: Improving Mental Health and School Performance in Urban Eighth Graders
Johns Hopkins University, Tamar Mendelson

Improving Low-Income Students' Odds of Being "On-Track" and College Ready in Chicago Public Schools: The Respective Roles of Child Self-Regulation and Preschool vs. High School Intervention
New York University, Cybele Raver

Does Early Intervention Benefit Social-Emotional and Academic Development in Middle School? A Follow-up Study of INSIGHTS
New York University, Erin O'Connor

Web-Based Assessment of Social-Emotional Comprehension and Execution in Grades Four to Six
Rush University Medical Center, Clark McKown

Efficacy Study of Foundations, School-wide Positive Discipline for Middle Schools
SRI International, William Carl Sumi

Validation of a Measure to Assess the Social-Emotional Health of Secondary Students
University of California, Santa Barbara, Michael Furlong

A Research Synthesis of the Effects of Classroom Structure on Student Motivation, Engagement, and Achievement
University of Texas, Austin, Erika Patall

The Organizational Assessment for Strategic Implementation in Schools (OASIS): A Measurement Suite to Support Educator Adoption of Evidence-Based Practices
University of Washington, Aaron Lyon

Efficacy of a Brief Intervention Strategy for School Mental Health Clinicians
University of Washington, Eric Bruns

Longitudinal Evaluation of the Impact of Sleep Problems on the Academic and Social Functioning of Adolescents with and without ADHD
Virginia Commonwealth University, Joshua Langberg