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NCER announces FY 2017 Awards

Education Research Grants Program (CFDA 84.305A)

Through the National Center for Education Research, IES recently made 86 new awards under the Education Research Grants Program (CFDA 84.305A) to applications considered under the August 2016 deadline. The total spending for all awards under CFDA 84.305A is approximately $152 million. Click on the title of each project to get more information about each award:

Cognition and Student Learning

A Theory and Data Driven Approach for Identifying Evidence of Collaborative Problem Solving Skills
Educational Testing Service, Saad Khan

An Examination of Response to Intervention in the Early Writing Skills of At-Risk Preschoolers
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Stephen Hooper

Application of Explanatory Item Response Models to Understand Influence of Reader-Text Interactions on Reading Comprehension and Reading Intervention Effects
University of Houston, David Francis

Contextualizing Experimental Design Instruction Within Related Inquiry Activities: The ISP Tutor
Carnegie Mellon University, David Klahr

Developing a Spatially-enhanced Elementary Curriculum and Teacher Training Series to Improve Science Achievement
Johns Hopkins University, Kelly Fisher

Diagnostic Inventories of Cognition in Education (DICE)
University of Georgia Research Foundation Inc., Laine Bradshaw

Drawing Connections to Close Achievement Gaps in Mathematics
University of Chicago, Lindsey Richland

Efficacy of a Narrative Comprehension Intervention for Elementary School Children At-Risk for Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
University of Kentucky, Elizabeth Lorch

Examining the Processes and Outcomes of Reading Comprehension (EXPO-RC)
University of Georgia, Scott Ardoin

Exploring the Spatial Alignment Hypothesis in STEM Learning Environments
WestEd, Bryan Matlen

Focusing on the Efficacy of Teaching Advanced Forms of Patterning on Kindergartners' Improvements in Literacy, Mathematics, and Reasoning Ability
George Mason University, Robert Pasnak

Fostering Reading Comprehension and Knowledge-Building in Middle-School Students
University of Colorado, Boulder, Donne Caccamise

Navigating Scientific and Statistical Reasoning in Adolescence
University of Michigan, Priti Shah

Opening the Door to Algebra: Does Improving Facets of Fraction Knowledge Impact Algebra Learning?
Temple University, Julie Booth

Scalable Multimedia Mindfulness Training for Youth
University of California, Santa Barbara, Jonathan Schooler

Early Learning Programs and Policies

Efficacy of a Targeted Shared Book Reading Intervention for Children Who Meet Screening Criteria in Pre-K
American Institutes for Research, Virginia Buysse

Efficacy of the TELL Curriculum for Preschool Children who are Economically Disadvantaged
Arizona State University, Shelley Gray

Features of Early Childhood Education Coaching Interventions that Mediate and Moderate Impacts on Teacher-Child Interactions and Child Outcomes
University of Virginia, Robert Pianta

Identifying Effective Instructional Practices and Contexts for Spanish-speaking English Learners in Florida's Universal Preschool Program
Florida State University, Christopher Lonigan

The Effects of Promoting Engaging Early Literacy Interactions in Preschool Environments: Literacy 3D
University of Kansas Center for Research, Inc., Charles Greenwood

Education Leadership

Evaluation of a Training Program to Promote Effective School Leadership
University of Missouri, Keith Herman

Education Technology

Developing Electronic-Books to Build Elementary Students' Word Knowledge, Comprehension Monitoring, and Reading Comprehension
University of California, Irvine, Carol Connor

Evaluating the Effectiveness of ASSISTments for Improving Math Achievement
American Institutes for Research, Kirk Walters

Exploring Adaptive Cognitive and Affective Learning Support for Next Generation STEM Learning Games
Florida State University, Valerie Shute

Identifying Malleable Factors in Blended Learning Environments Using Automated Detectors of Engagement
American Institutes for Research, Jessica Heppen

Refinement of GlobalEd2 and Testing New Intervention Impact
University of Illinois, Chicago, Kimberly Lawless

Effective Teachers and Effective Teaching

Efficacy of ASSISTments Online Homework Support for Middle School Mathematics Learning: A Replication Study
SRI International, Mingyu Feng

Examining Teacher Math Anxiety as a Malleable Factor Related to Student Outcomes
Florida State University, Colleen Ganley

Exploring Competing Theories of How Tenure and Collective Bargaining Reforms Affect Teacher Labor Markets and Student Achievement
Brown University, Matthew Kraft

Learning From the Source: Can We Elicit Better Applicant Information Directly From Professional References?
American Institutes for Research, Dan Goldhaber

Middle School Matters: Promoting Research- and Evidence-Based Practices to Support Reading Comprehension (MSMPREP)
University of Texas at Austin, Christy Murray

National Board Certification Efficacy Study
American Institutes for Research, David Manzeske

Student Learning as a Function of Exposure to Teachers' Use of Cognitive Processing Language During Instruction
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Jennifer Coffman

Tailoring Teaching to Fit the Class: Teaching Practice and Classroom Composition Under Random Assignment
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Jane Fruehwirth

Teacher Metalinguistic Awareness in Writing Instruction: Links among Teacher Knowledge, Teacher Practice and Student Learning
University of Washington, Deborah McCutchen

Testing the Efficacy of the Academic Language and Literacy in Every Subject (ALLIES) Professional Learning Program
University of California, Davis, Susan O'Hara

The Relationship between Elementary Teachers' Language Use and Students' Language and Literacy Achievement
Vanderbilt University, Jeanne Wanzek

English Learners

Analyzing Diagrams: A Support for English Learners (ADSEL)
Education Development Center, Mark Driscoll

Heterogeneous Effects of English Learner Reclassification on Achievement Trajectories
Public Policy Institute of California, Laura Hill

Improving the Accuracy of Academic Vocabulary Assessment for English Language Learners
University of Houston, David Francis

Improving Education Systems

Assessing the Efficacy of Online Credit Recovery on Student Learning and High School Graduation
American Institutes for Research, Jessica Heppen

Between Home and School: The School Bus and Student Outcomes
Syracuse University, Amy Schwartz

How do Spending Patterns Change with Weighted Student Funding (WSF), and What's Happening to Equity and Achievement, Particularly for Poor and At-Risk Students?
Georgetown University, Marguerite Roza

P-TECH 9-14 Schools: An Impact, Implementation and Cost Study
MDRC, Crystal Byndloss

The Distributional Implications of Computer-based Testing on Students, Teachers, and Schools
American Institutes for Research, Benjamin Backes

Postsecondary and Adult Education

A Mixed-Methods Study of Middle-Aged and Older Adults: Lifelong Learning, Skill Proficiencies, and Employment in the U.S. and Selected OECD Countries
Miami University, Phyllis Cummins

Adapting Lesson Study for Developmental Mathematics Instruction
Teachers College, Columbia University, Thomas Bailey

Doubling Up? Understanding the Long-Term Effects of Ninth-grade Algebra Reform on College Persistence and Graduation
Saint Louis University, Takako Nomi

It's Worth It! Securing Persistence, Performance and Progress within Postsecondary Gateway Science Courses through Utility Value Interventions
University of California, Irvine, Jacquelynne Eccles

Mixed-Methods Exploration of Factors Associated with Postsecondary Success for English Language Learners with Disabilities
New York University, Audrey Trainor

Teaching and Learning 21st Century Skills in Community Colleges: A Study of the New World of Work Program
MDRC, Mary Visher

Reading and Writing

An Efficacy Follow-Up Study of the Long-Term Effects of Reading Recovery Under the i3 Scale-Up
University of Delaware, Henry May

An Efficacy Study of Toggle Talk
University of Maryland, Jan Edwards

Early Language Comprehension Individualized Instruction (ELCII)
University of Minnesota, Panayiota Kendeou

Factors Affecting Comprehension by Teens During Online Reading in Science: The FACTORS Project
University of Connecticut, Donald Leu

Morphological Awareness Test for Reading and Spelling (MATRS)
University of South Carolina, Kenn Apel

Randomized Controlled Trial of the Supporting Knowledge in Language and Literacy (SKILL) Program for Children who are At-Risk for Language and Literacy Difficulties
Utah State University, Ronald Gillam

SRSD+: Development of a Powerful Writing Program for Children in Grades 1 and 2
University of California, Irvine, Young-Suk Kim

The Language of Written Argumentation and Explanation: Individual Developmental Trajectories From 4th to 8th Grade
Harvard University, Paola Uccelli

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education

Assessing Students' Progress on the Energy Concept Using Three-Dimensional Items (ASPECt-3D)
American Association for the Advancement of Science, Cari Herrmann Abell

DAT-CROSS: Developing Assessments and Tools to Support the Teaching and Learning of Science Crosscutting Concepts
Indiana University, Cindy Hmelo-Silver

Efficacy of the Connected Chemistry Curriculum
University of Illinois, Mike Stieff

Evaluation of the KinderTEK iPad Math Program
University of Oregon, Mari Strand Cari

Exploring Heterogeneity in Mathematics Intervention Effects Using Meta-Analysis
American Institutes for Research, Ryan Williams

Investigating the Use of Virtual Labs to Promote Chemical Reasoning and Practice Skills
WestEd, Jodi Davenport

Project LEAP: Extending a Grades 3-5 Early Algebra Learning Progression into Grades K-2
Technical Education Research Centers, Maria Blanton

Social and Behavioral Context for Academic Learning

Academic and Behavior Combined Support (ABC Support) in Tier 2 Interventions
University of Wisconsin, Madison, Maribeth Gettinger

Adaptive Response to Intervention (RTI) for Students with ADHD
Florida International University, William Pelham

An Efficacy Study of Multi-Tiered Academic, Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Supports in High-Need, Urban Middle Schools
American Institutes for Research, David Osher

Assessing the Efficacy and Implementation of City Connects: A Systemic Approach to Student Support
Boston College, Mary Walsh

Daily Experiences with Diversity: Academic and Social Adjustment in High School
University of California, Davis, Adrienne Nishina

Development and Evaluation of the Beliefs and Attitudes for Successful Implementation in Schools for Teachers (BASIS-T)
University of Minnesota, Clayton Cook

Development of Assessment Tools and Educator Training to Support Tier 2 Behavioral Intervention Selection
University of Missouri, Stephen Kilgus

Development of RELATE (Relationships to Enhance Learners' Adjustment to Transitions and Engagement)
University of Washington, Mylien Duong

Effectiveness of the Social Skills Improvement System Classwide Intervention Program (SSIS-CIP) in the Primary Grades
Pennsylvania State University, James DiPerna

Evaluation of Organization Skills Training Program for Upper Elementary Students
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Thomas Power

Exploring the Role of Youth Leadership Councils in Developing 21st Century Competencies, Critical Consciousness, and Civic Engagement
Brown University, Rosann Tung

MTP-Team: A Scalable, Web-Supported Peer-Learning Program for Implementing the My Teaching Partner-Secondary Approach
University of Virginia, Bridget Hamre

Paths 2 the Future for All: College and Career Readiness Intervention
University of Oregon, Lauren Lindstrom

Positive and Restorative Investment in Discipline Reform in Education (PRIDE): Integrating School-wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (SWPBIS) and Restorative Discipline (RD)
Iris Media, Inc., Claudia Vincent

Promoting Self-Regulation to Enhance Social, Behavioral, and Academic Adjustment in Middle School
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Desiree Murray

Web-based Professional Development for School Mental Health Providers in Evidence-Based Practices for Attention and Behavior Challenges
University of California, San Francisco, Linda Pfiffner

Special Topics: Arts in Education

The STELLAR Project: Phase 2
University of Oregon, Lynne Anderson-Inman

Special Topics: Career Technical Education

Assessing the Implementation, Impact & Variation of CTE Innovation: NYC as a Lab for Rigorous CTE Research
New York University, James Kemple

Career Academies, Pathways, and Elective Courses: Exploring Variation in Work-Based Learning Experiences and Student Outcomes
Education Development Center, Inc., Katherine Shields

Florida CTE Certifications Study
Research Triangle Institute, Elizabeth Glennie