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Predoctoral Interdisciplinary Research Training Programs in the Education Sciences


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Multidisciplinary Program in Education Sciences

Year: 2008
Name of Institution:
Northwestern University
Goal: Training
Principal Investigator:
Uttal, David
Award Amount: $4,116,861
Award Period: 5 years
Award Number: R305B080027


The Northwestern University Multidisciplinary Program in Educational Sciences (MPES) was established through an IES grant in 2004. Under this new predoctoral research training grant award, MPES trains students to conduct research on education policy and student learning. Effective education reform requires that researchers understand the basic cognitive foundations of learning. The MPES program has three related goals. The first is to provide a unified interdisciplinary program of coursework and research mentoring on linkages among education policy, student cognition, and achievement in mathematics and reading. The second goal is to ensure that the students receive training in rigorous, causally focused research methods. The third goal is to foster research collaborations among faculty and graduate students from different disciplinary traditions who have common interests in policy, learning, and methodology. Bringing together faculty from diverse disciplinary backgrounds, the program seeks to create collaborations that result in cutting-edge empirical, methodological, and theoretical work on relations between education policy and practice.

Project Website:

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